Healthy Activities and Cooking

Many schools, community groups and organisations are seeing the value of running healthy activities and healthy cooking sessions that are both fun and educational for all members of the family whether it is parents learning new skills, families learning together or activities within the classroom or for holiday and summer schools. These courses are a great way of not only teaching a healthier livestyle and cookery skills but they also encourage self esteem and confidence for young people and adults of all ages too.

KRL is available to undertake a variety of healthy activities across the United Kingdom including taster sessions, sets of cookery sessions, training for tutors, children’s activities, family learning workshops, school/organisation one to one support, programmes for LA’s.

Activity Games for Schools and Community Groups
Healthy Cooking Activities
Healthy Lifestyle Programme for Local Authorities, Schools and Community Organisations
Train the Trainer Healthy Activities

Healthy Cookery Activities

These activities can be delivered as individual sessions or a set of sessions. They can last from 90 minutes to a whole day. Each session will be accompanied by a cookery book or cookery cards to encourage participants to repeat the recipes at home.

Target Audience

Type of Session

Length of Sessions

Children’s Cookery

(Key Stage 1 and 2)


Cooking for Kids

(Parental Learning)

Cooking with Kids

(Family Learning)

Young Peoples Cookery

 (Key Stage 3 and 4)

Basic Cookery

More Basic Cookery

African Cooking

Asian Cooking (Indian)

Bread Making

Chinese Cooking    

Crazy Sandwiches

Fun with Fruit

Healthy Breakfasts

Healthy Lunchboxes

Healthy Puddings   

Middle Eastern      

Muffins and Biscuits



Versatile Vegetables

Courses can be run for

90 minutes

Two hours

Three hours

Half days

Full days

A set of weekly sessions

A Holiday or Summer school



What others say about the courses

(Copies of these evaluations are available)


Have really enjoyed the course and my family and friends have loved tasting the food I’ve cooked.  .


Really enjoyed the course so far as I have never been interested in cooking before or making my own food.  I am now making my own food from scratch myself. 


The course has been excellent, I have really enjoyed it. 


This course has definitely changed the way I see food.  I am more likely to try new foods