Extended Services Training


Any of the Certificate in Extended Services Practice training courses can be delivered as stand alone courses to schools, children's centres, or community groups to suit their needs and audience.

Extended Services Training

Extended Services:

Management and delivery


Whether you are a practitioner new to the role or an experience professional this course gives you an excellent overview of all issues surrounding Extended Service Management and Delivery practice covering all areas from benefits to over coming problems and staffing to marketing including:

  • First steps to success
  • Planning for the future
  • Training and Support
  • Using resources effectively
  • Multi agency working
  • Standard paperwork
  • Quality Assurance
  • Evaluation and monitoring
  • Support networks and organisations
  • Action planning workshops

Fundraising made Easy


With service or organisation funding not always stretching to the extra things that you would like to provide many staff are now faced with the need to look outside their own funding and raise money in a variety of ways. This course is designed to take you through some of the options of gaining this much needed funding with as little work (and frustration) as possible and includes:

  • Where to Get the Money
  • Donated Resources
  • Easy Events
  • Creative Partnerships
  • Corporate Sponsorship
  • Funding from Trusts
  • Research and Pre-planning
  • Writing Irresistible Applications
  • Practical Exercises writing Actual Bids

Successful Breakfast Clubs


As a large percentage of young people attend school either having no breakfast or an unsuitable one many services and community groups are considering providing a breakfast club to increase attendance, punctuality, improve attitudes and behaviour as well as results. This course looks at how to set up a successful breakfast club, what works and how to get the maximum benefits It includes:

  • Why Breakfast Clubs
  • Benefits And the Challenges
  • Starting Up a Breakfast Club
  • How to make them healthy
  • What activities
  • Discovering the Need
  • Top Tips from successful clubs 

Achievable Holiday and Summer Services


Evidence shows that summer and holiday services can greatly impact on young peoples learning, improve exam results, increase self confidence, assist with social skills and ease transition. With this in mind many services are looking at providing or increasing their holiday/summer service provision. This course is designed to take you through planning and delivering of a successful summer/holiday service in easy steps and covers:

  • Types of holiday services and provision
  • Benefits of running a holiday service
  • Recruitment and retention of staff, volunteers and young people
  • Using themes
  • Making it different
  • Neat ideas that work

Hands on Training for Tutors: Cooking for and with Kids


Practical cookery session to teach potential tutors how to teach 6 sections/ 12 Going Forward cooking sessions to adults, children or as family learning. Areas covered include:

  • Cooking Equipment
  • Top Tips
  • Health and Safety
  • Practical Cookery

K’NEX Learning for Tutors


K’NEX construction kits are proven to support learning across all key stages and the adult curriculum. These courses will train educators to develop a better understanding of technology, science and numeracy, and improved creativity and problem-solving skills using K’NEX covering:

  • Over view of all Educational uses of K’NEX
  • Planning and delivering K’NEX activities
  • Supporting learners through K’NEX challenges.
  • Understanding of numeracy, shape, space, measure and data handling.
  • Understanding of forces, motion, and sources of energy.


Monitoring and Evaluation Skills


More details to follow.

Parent and Family Learning


More details to follow.


What others say about the courses

Gave me loads of good ideas to think about.
Excellent course. Great speaker too.
Brilliant course – Best I’ve ever attended

Extremely informative – one of the best courses I’ve been on.

Excellent – lots of ideas and contacts.

Very useful – well thought out planning of the activities the group did – very relevant indeed.

Very informative, practical course. I will be putting the advice into action.

The course was good because it kept us interested, we shared views and Karen made things simple to understand.

I really enjoyed the whole day. Gave me lots of ideas to follow up.

 Very useful & good for those starting out as well as those who are already established.

I thought all my concerns were answered. Also the delivery was excellent.